Saturday, November 01, 2008

Slow Month that October.

And unbelievable that it's already over. I moved, and pictures will come. Perhaps tomorrow, when the construction crew resumes their banging and shouting. Our apartment building is being refurbished, but only our place is currently occupied. Thankfully the landlord is a devoted Jew, and we have our Saturdays in peace. Amen.

My room, to be frank, is beautiful. I have an exposed brick wall on one side, high ceilings and lovely doors on either side. Arrangements are yet unfinished -- I bit the bullet and dropped a wad of money on a new IKEA bed and desk, but there's still the matter of my clothes and books sitting in piles on the floor, calling out for a dresser and shelf. One thing at a time, that seems to the way of it. Thursday they brought our countertop, and yesterday our sink. One day, not so long from now, we'll actually have neighbors, and not just the lonely but cheerful Mexican man who's paid to watch the door, since the door doesn't really work yet. I suppose that means that I live in a New York building with a doorman. What do you think about that?

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chaviva said...

Nu? Where are you living?

Email me your address/hood. When can I visit, damnit!?