Sunday, November 02, 2008

Marathon Man

Brazil. France. South Africa. Denmark. Sweden Norway. Canada. Mexico. Japan. Germany. Poland. U.S.A. There may have been more, but I recall seeing at least these countries while cheering on the runners today.

It was marathon day today. I haven't checked to see who actually won the thing, because I don't really care. Marathon day is fantastic simply for giving you the excuse to root for people just trying to accomplish something. Children's sports are often tainted by the lameness of rewarding "participation," but the great thing about marathon day is that the sentiment arises naturally -- you really want everyone to finish the thing, and when they do, everyone's awash in good feelings. I went to marathon day in Boston in the spring, and the warmth of pulling for accomplishment that you know somebody else desperately wants just carries you for hours afterward. Call it second-degree runner's high.

Plus, it keeps you from thinking that election day is in two day. God, let it be over soon.

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