Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clothes Circuit

Big day today. I recorded the last bit of narration I'm going to record for our TV project. I picked up my train tickets to New York, packed some of my stuff, prepped a presentation, and I bought shoes. Elissa and Chris purchased me a gift certificate to Berk's swank shoe shop in Harvard Square. I just got up after almost a month, what with all the other things to do. But I bought these Born leather shoes, which are amazing.

I, a man of meager possessions, now own $100 dress shoes and $100 snow boots. Because without a sound foundation, who are you?

Also, I am wearing a shirt with this logo today:

Because it's the coolest sports logo there is.

And Shannon gave us all this today:

The classy design is key. This could really be pretty lame, but it's not. It's cool.


Elissa said...

Yay!! I love the shoes (and the sweatshirt!) -- they're great. I agree; you can't very well go off to a fancy-schmancy NYC internship without some fancy-schmancy shoes. =)

Side note: you know the security thing where you have to type in the letters to be able to submit a comment? It says zmbagza this time. Doesn't that sound like an upscale restaurant or department store?

Michael said...

Borns are pretty much the best, most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever own. If God had feet, he would wear Borns.

Anonymous said...

i was eating lunch the other day, and spotted this chick wearing a hooded sweatshirt. exciting i know.

the front of it had "Creighton Biology Department" and a logo of a gene being transcribed.

the back read "If i were an enzyme i'd be helicase, so i could unwrap your genes"

it was the most endearingly geeky thing i've ever seen.