Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost there

Our television assignment is concluding this week. People don't believe me, but it will get done.

It's a week of goodbyes, I suppose. Went to Alaina's house party in Somerville over the weekend. Had some margaritas. Caught a drunken schoolteacher who drank a couple too many, tried to do a handstand and nearly fell into the TV table and set the house on fire. Went to a bar over by Northeastern with Schreier last night. I must admit, the bar in her building is cooler than the bar in my building, though we do have some sweet karaoke.

Narraganett: a damn fine lager.

I don't have a whole lot to say right now, I suppose. I have realized about myself that I need a little transition time between things, but am not going to get that before I start in New York next week. So, to compensate, I have partly checked out this week. It's almost over. Thank goodness. I can't tell whether I will continue on in my bitterness at MIT or eventually, once I've departed, I will give way to fondness of memory. Misery always seems more charming when it's past.

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