Saturday, May 17, 2008

One day.

My MIT days have now drawn to a close, unofficially. Officially I don't get my master's until I complete the internship at the end of the summer. But yesterday I presented my thesis, and tomorrow I move to New York. If I weren't listening to Zeppelin's "Tangerine" right now, I'd probably be more stressed out about that.

It ended with a bit of a thud, pressure up to the last few minutes of prepping and giving the presentation, and then the immediacy of moving. I suppose this is just delayed institutional gratification; come September when I actually graduate and maybe some friends and family can make it here, it'll feel more like an accomplishment. But having climbed this mounting feels like nothing in particular with starting work again Monday.

So it goes. I think as soon I get into New York for real, and especially when I can move into my room, I'll reach a level of enthusiasm that will propel me through. As it stands, I'm just looking forward to being gone from MIT, but not Boston.

I found out recently that an old friend is going to have a kid soon. This is just further reminder to me that I ended up on the career-first track without really thinking about it. This seems to happen to me, perhaps as an unavoidable side effect of my world view. Things just kind of happen to me, like moving to New York. At least they're good things, often.

Gotta go see if I can watch game 2 of the Brewers/Red Sox doubleheader today. Favorite two teams going at it.

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chaviva said...

This isn't anyone I know is it? With the baby and such?

Jesus I hope not.