Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Zen of vinyl siding

So, I'm getting better. Crippling exhaustion gone, nagging dry throat left in its place. Sickness is ever-present in Madison at the moment, including the governor's race, which adds the element of communion to diminish the malaise. It is still not, however, my favorite part of my favorite season -- autumn. However, it was been sunny and warm the last two to three days, the opening of October's first week. I even painted, for the first time in ages. So complaining starts here.

I sided today. Yup. Sided. Siding in an interesting pastime, where the activity -- siding -- and the material -- siding -- are both named for the part of the house they appear. Look, construction workers aren't creative. Roofing is roofing, siding is siding. At least shingles aren't called "roofies."

Siding is somewhat satisfying, despite its utter lack of romance. Real men roof and frame and lay bricks and have abs that go from here to Kenosha. Practical men put up siding and soffit. As a exterior decorator and budding urbanist, I hate siding, mostly people's preference to buy a neutral color of it in bulk to they're house looks like any other. But to be fair, it's relatively quick and easy to put up, and doesn't violate your neighborhood's bullshit covenant restricting outside walls to beige, white and grey. And possibly off-white.

Liverpool is struggling. At least the Cubs' season is over.

Wait, I said no complaining. So now for something completely different!

- I get paid tomorrow. Hey, it isn't much, but on the other hand, it's not a lot. And I can buy more beer!

- Speaking of awesome Wisconsin food products, I got a new bacon rack the other day. At the dig 'n' save. It's a St. Vincent DePaul branch where they don't sort their crap; you find it and it's a certain price per pound. I got two new ice trays, a silverware tray, a bacon rack, a clipboard, a pitcher and a Frisbee with the Red Robin restraurant logo on it. For 98 cents. Alltogether.

- I have a new Coffee House. It's called the Electric Earth Cafe, on West Wash. More expensive than the Coho, but hey, what isn't? It doesn't make GRE studying any easier, but the refills are free.

-I've noticed I now look at roofs while I'm walking and think, "Wow, they did a really nice job."

- I've also caught myself checking the location on beer, and putting it back if it's not from Wisconsin. I mean, come on. I wouldn't move to Florida to eat California oranges.

Ok, I'm going to save some gloating so I've got some ready for next time and don't revert to being a total moping clown. Or whatever.

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chaviva said...

I'm a horrible friend. Just wretched. I hope you forgive me. I intend on calling you tomorrow night after I get off work. That's 10:30ish my time and ... 9:30 your time? Yah, Wisconsin is STILL middle o'the nation time.

I think it's funny that you've become Andrew "the guy with the hammer and tool belt who it is probably will end up in one of those calendars" Moseman.