Thursday, September 28, 2006

A punch in the nuts, and the earth yet turns

So, another long inter-post break, I realize. This time it's not just sloth or lack of material, I swear. Observe:

Monday -- Exercise option to not work. Instead decide to take care of business at the DMV. Scour my bedroom sty for 15 minutes to find the forms I need, fill them out and head to car. See parking ticket on car. Realize that when I parked on Sunday, I missed a "No Parking Here to Corner" sign. It was dark. The sign was obscured by a tree. Fuck off.
Go to DMV. Informed by pleasent blinking sign that the wait is half an hour, so there was no need to fill out the forms at home. Really, they have a stack, and of course they're color-coordinated. I find out from man at counter that I can't get a Wisconsin driver's liscence; my bank statement doesn't show enough activity, and they have to be sure, after all. Still drop $105 for title transfer and plates. Wished I had just taken the money in my back yard, shit on it and set it on fire. At least that would've pissed off the neighbors and I'd have received some distraction.

A qualification. To be fair, the gentleman at the counter was great: helpful, knowledgeable and possesing a soothing tenor that would have put me to sleep, had I been anywhere more comfortable than a DMV. If you can work through obnoxious bureaucracy day in and out and remain a friend of the people, you're a saint and that's all there is to it.

Later Monday: In the evening time, begin to feel sick -- sore throat, and drain of all energy in the evening. Wonder," I wonder when my literacy tutor training session is? Well, if it's today, someone will call."

Tuesday -- Find out the first training session was Monday. The two other Americorps folks who went didn't have my number and my boss wasn't at work. Whoops.
My adrenaline and immune system Come Together to carry me through work, but on the ride home the wave of exhaustion comes over again. I do nothing in the evening but drink tea and watch television, including House, which, to be fair, I've long liked, followed by Standoff, or Sexual Tension P.I. At least there ended up being a pair of standoffs, because if the title had led me astray and they just solved the crimes, I would've been PISSED.

Wednesday -- Wake up, feel better. Put up soffitt in the morning, tutored fellow worked in reading comprehension for the HSED in the afternoon. Knockout day, really, until you stroll out to your car and your battery's dead. You try to be a little safer on the road one time, and bam, it gets you. So I think the lesson for us all here is never to go beyond the call.
I got a jump, but I was still deflated, as my week seemed to pick up and then just dropped me. But Wednesday tutor training was enjoyable, and when I went home the charge from my driving home was enough to start the car again, so I went for a joyride around the beltline and everything seems to be on the right track. My throat is still sore. But not as sore. And I could get off the couch; all good things.

John complained that the name of the blog is far inferior to its predeccesor, and I agree. I'm not going back because I never turn around, but I'll pick something new, in a second here.

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melanie said...

a few things - registering your car in a new state sucks. did you have to go do an emissions test, too? i did, and had to go to this place like three times because the first time they couldn't perform it because my radiator was cracked - which meant i had to go spend $400some dollars - the second time they were closed because it was too cold for their employees to stand outside. the third time, i finally got it. also, were you able to get your plates and your license in the same place? i had to find two different places because apparently colorado is ridiculous. AND it took like two hours to sit around and wait for my name to be called to get my driver's license .... ugh. it was NOT fun. so i feel your pain there. sorry to hear about the sore throat and other car problems, too. it'll get better ... hopefully! :)