Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The park, mucus & other things

T- one day. Yes, it's coming. The first pea coat day of the year. Anchors away.

I'm not kidding. Tomorrow nights temps should sink like the Edmond Fitzgerald, and we'll have 20s on Thursday. It's not all cumulus clouds and wilted roses, though. I still have to work outside. And while my earlier brief debilitating sickness has long dissipated, I know have the incurable lingering sniffles. At least hearty viruses stand up and fight, which makes you feel like you're doing something. Just ask George Foreman.

Anyway, snot or no snot, I'm still excited for autumn. It's walking through the same snow day after day in January that dampens my spirits.

Still siding, in other news. It's a duplex. It takes a while. In the evening I've been doing model GREs, which is bittersweet. It's a geek rush when you unravel their oatmeal-box-brain-teasers-on-steroids, but a bit of drag to think you'll be judged on little games. Hey, that's academia. At least they don't make you play chess, though it'd be just as arbitrary.

I got a dartboard. I'm a dork. I'd be a happy dork if plastic darts didn't break every five minutes.

I haven't seriously read a newspaper in longer than I can quantitatively recall. Back off, I'm still voting.

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gregblobaum said...

you should really buy the metal tip dart board. sure, they may cost a bit more, but the results are well worth it. plus, you can throw the darts at hookers and know that you are doing some damage.