Sunday, October 15, 2006

These Old House Photos

Roof Trusses
Looking up the stairwell, left side

Front of the duplex
Stairway (No Stairway? Denied)

There they are. These pictures date back to sometime in September when I drove out to site. We're working in the far eastern part of Madison on this duplex, my team mostly on the left side and another mostly on the right. Since these pictures, we've put all those roof trusses up, sheeted the roof, shingled the whole house, finished those stairs in the photo, and have nearly finished the soffit and siding on the whole thing. Those pictures will come forth sometime soon, so you can see the difference. Considering the first floor wasn't even framed yet when I showed up in mid-August, I feel pretty good about our progress. It's going to slow down a lot now, at least as far as the visual differences are concerned. We get to concrete the garage floors and driveways, and then insulate, mud and drywall the inside. At least we'll be inside. I was siding in snow flurries on Thursday, so it'll be a welcome change.

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