Monday, August 21, 2006

No Direction Home

Here it is. My house. I live on the bottom floor, in what used to be a 5-person apartment, now rented as 5 separate rooms. It's awesome. Come inside and have a look...

This is the front room. It's as of yet incomplete, which you could probably tell, what with my stereo and records on the floor. Who knows. Maybe the last two remaining rooms will become occupied by people with awesome furniture. Or perhaps the records will stay on the floor.


View from the backyard toward the house. Actually, it's no yard at all. It's a lot that my rental agency rents to people for $50 a month, seeing as how parking in downtown Madison is, um, hard. Those two windows on the left belong to my bedroom.

As Chris put it, the Colorado log cabin bathroom. The jacuzzi tub needs a better stopper, and you can only fill it about one-third full before the water heater gets exhausted and you have to wait an hour. But it's a fucking jacuzzi. You don't have a jacuzzi.

And last but not least:


You can actually see the marks in the floor from where the ganj-smoking couches used to be. It's so Madison.

In other news, I did grown-up stuff today. Opened a bank account, Returned a form, got a library card -- the most critical element of all. Despite the hard labor, I could get used to these three-day weekends. Tuesday through Friday wears you out, but Saturday through Monday gives you ample time to just be. And get refreshed. Now I wish I had another day to lounge and run adult errands, but my body is back ready to build stairs and hammer nails. Hello, week two.

Coming next weekend, with any luck: Construction Pictures. And possibly, a trip to Oshkosh. Also, I bought my first Badger T-shirt: white with red ringers. Very nice. I should've taken a picture of that, to show off my transformation. Maybe that'll be in next weekend's photo session. And now that I can go to the library and use-um the Interweb, y'all mights just get more frequent updates.


John said...

My favorite part is the oak/pot leaf.

melanie said...

the place looks awesome!

A.G. Moseman said...

It's pot, no oak about it.