Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hammer of the gods

At least after two days of construction you know that you've done two days of construction. My forearms are very sore from considerable vigorous hammering. It feels good, though. Yesterday I ripped the handle off a wooden hammer when trying to pull a nair out of a header. I'll tell you, nothing makes you feel like more of a man than destroying a hand tool in the commission of its duty.

I have a small bruise under my middle fingernail and a blood blister-to-be on the tip of my index finger from today. Maybe tomorrow I won't hurt myself, who knows.

In other news, I've moved in. If you want to call it that. My things are in the house, at least. They're hanging out in cardboard city a little longer, until I figure out how to get my sister's old bookshelf to my place. I didn't really bring any furniture, what with the spacial issues, but I do have a lot of neat kitchen items. And I figure I already have one other roommate, whom I haven't even met yet, and probably three more in the not too distant future, so eventually I suppose somebody will show up with something on which I could put the TV, or even better, a half-decent TV or I can get rid of mine or relegate it to basement. The jacuzzi works; however, filling it exhausts the capabilities of the water heater, so it must be filled in spells. If you've got the time, it's worth it.

And yesterday my diploma showed up here. Pretty cool. With my package they also included a free gift: the medal for graduating with high distinction that I would've gotten to wear had I been able to attend commencement. So I wore that around Elissa' flat for a while. Felt pretty damn good.

More hard labor tomorrow. On the plus side, lunch at the office was pretty good today, so maybe they finish the week strong. And I have three days off after that. Gotta get food and find High Life.


loveleethought said...

Pictures, I demand pictures! Also, congrats on being so manly. And on the whole high honors thing, but mainly for being so manly.

melanie said...

i want pictures, too! but it sounds like you are doing good. hope you found some high life!

John said...

what they said about pictures! also, save any tools you break for souvenirs.

Chris Jones said...

You called our apartment a "flat," which I'll take as flattery instead of irony.

chaviva said...

Soon you'll be an over-sized brute, won't you? Your arms will crush tiny babies and kittens. Stay away from Naomi, man.

Mrph. When will I see you again?