Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The clock says 7:14

So I better make this brief, before the library computer boots me off.

Good day today. We put the trusses and plywood on the roof of the other half of the duplex today. Our half tomorrow. I feel like I'm settling into my rountine and people are used to my prescence. It's a weird A-corps program to be in; there are I think five people, counting myself, who are in my life situation: out of college or in it, looking for something service oriented in Madison to do. It makes for a weird mix to build houses with people who live in group homes or are teen parents, and who are suspicious of you if you use $4 words or calculate fractions too well. One guy just calls me "college" to try to get my goat. But I think they're ok with me. They're going to have to be; I might end up tutoring some of them.

Also, today I got a great armchair with god-awful floral print for my porch. And met some more neighbors. And college football games will be played in a week and a half, and beer shall be consumed.

Injury du jour: scrape across the index finger. Not too bad. They're getting progressively less serious, probably due to the bright yellow hard hat shielding me from whatever invariably falls on me.

Sing it, Michael Stipe.


Chris Jones said...

Thank you for the mental image of Michael Stipe in a yellow hard hat. I'm not kidding. It's funny and tragic.

chaviva said...

Bloody fingers? Could be a comic strip.

You're SO bad ass.

melanie said...

andrewwwwwww. please update soon before i worry you've joined a cheesehead circus.