Monday, September 11, 2006

Still wit the program

Melanie demanded an update to prove that I haven't joined the Cheesehead Circus, and I have an hour and a half here at the library, so OK. I did watch half of the Packer game yesterday, a debocle against the hated Bears, but I wouldn't call that "joining the circus." When I'm tailgating in Green Bay in January with no real intention of attending the game, just to be there, then you can worry.

It's raining here. It sucks. If I wanted to sign up for this, I'd have moved to Oregon. Give me snow, lots o' snow, from the frosty skies above; don't flood me in.

Anyway, sorry for the infrequent posts. I haven't been at a computer for long time durations lately, and haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do about that yet. First car insurance. Oh, and a bed. And a desk. And Wisconsin liscence plates. And a second job.

Still, I'm settling in, and despite the Pacific Northwest grunge and/or suicide inducing weather, it's been a good week. Thursday I went with a college-aged co-worker and his old friends to Essen Haus, where we drank first from steins and then from glass boots, and danced the chicken dance supported by a couple of costumed old men on drums and accordian. Friday I discovered that the breakfast fed us at work is perfect hangover food, and the evening was Chris' birthday party, a poety-reading affair. I re-remembered that I don't care for the canon, but that I love ridiculous verse. And Saturday we watched The Ohio State truimph over those unnecessarily tan villains from Texas.

4 people in the house now: myself; Drew, a UW undergrad and a sweet mannen; Maria, another undergrad who's half-Mexican (Aztec specifically); and Arlie. I love Arlie. Arlie is a PhD student from Hawaii who is teaching Filipino language and literature. He's never seen snow. Hell, he's never seen the leaves' volitale colors and autumn retirement. This weekend he was wearing a jacket and wondering aloud how people could sit through the Badger game in this weather.

It was 55.

For my part, I went and watched the finish line of the Ironman Triathlon in town yesterday. It kind of made me want to do something with my life. Like update my blog more often. Or buy a desk.

Buoy yourself with small victories.

Got pictures of the job site I need to post. Sometime I will. The roof is on now, but I managed to take some before.

For now, viva la deciduous.


Jokes with a Fist said...

Andrew, it could be worse. You could be sitting around listening to China stories ...

Send me your damn address.


melanie said...

thanks, andrew! it's been raining alot here, too - they just said on the news it's been four weekends in a row, with a possibility of five. anyway sounds like you are having a good time. and i didn't mean to pressure you into posting, i just wanted to hear an update :) take care.

Anonymous said...

nice to hear from you and know that you're kickin'it in 'sconni. miss ya duder. drink a bell's oberon in my honor.

what's your address be the by for so i can send you letters.

A.G. Moseman said...

For everyone's information, it's

630 W Wilson St
Madison 53703

loveleethought said...

What? You're still alive?

Seriously kid, update more often.

P.S. I miss you.

Chris Jones said...

I know. I've been binging on The Smiths this week, and I didn't really put it together with the weather til I read this. God it's been depressing.