Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bailed Out

It's nice when you haven't had any success researching a project and can just call up family to say "Hey, Scott, so...how do you farm." Interesting and informational, it turns out. Plus, I've always felt that little twinge of guilt about coming from a mechanical/farm family and knowing little of either.

Time to go LP shopping again soon. Two weeks ago I bought three more Herb Alpert albums and the new crown jewel of my collection, Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall, which I've been listening to incessantly. The guy at the store said nobody was buying up all the Belafonte he had, and he offered me a sweet bulk rate on it, which I might accept.

New favorite piece of music (non-Belafonte category): Beethoven's 9th. The power, mannen. Sure, Mozart wrote a hundred symphonies before he could tie his shoes, but where's the passion? It's in LB's 9th. The London Symphony Orchestra plays the shit out of it, too.

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Elissa said...

Sounding very cool! Was it for an article, a class project, ??