Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things must be going well

because my quandry for the day is what to wear to a future-themed costume party. I've got an anti-costume in mind, but we'll see.

There is that paper due Tuesday that I'm going to have to BS because I didn't start the reporting for it early enough. The thing is, it's something I'm really interested in, I just had those million other things to do and didn't really believe I'd need more than 5 days in advance. And J.A., of course, doesn't want another student's excuses, so since I want him to like me, I'm just going to pretend.

Yet another time I'm tired of bullshit. I'd like to just tell him, and then write him a paper 2o times better than anyone else could do to prove it to him. But I can't. Hurrah.

Otherwise, things are really good. Really. For once, they're not so bad.


Elissa said...

Let me know what you decide to wear.
Any chance you'll be around at all while I'm home for a week? I'd really like it if you had time for dinner or drinks on my birthday or something like that.

Chris Jones said...

(insert snide remark about Jayson Blair here.)