Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two things that cracked me up today

1. Out of nowhere, I got to walk a few blocks away from work to cover the red carpet premiere of "Fly Me to the Moon," a 3D animated movie about flies going to the moon. Buzz Aldrin was a voice in it, so he showed up and there was a whole lot of fuss. After waiting through all the TV interviews, they finally brought him over for the rest of us to talk to. I snuck in a question about whether sci-fi has inspired him as a kid, since that was one of the aims of this new film. He said it had. The weird thing was that I was in this group of reporters, and all the rest save maybe one were these super-young girls, probably stringing for People, and asking questions like, "Mr Aldrin, what's it like working with Kelly Ripa?" He said he didn't know -- he just came in, recorded his lines alone in a booth, and that was it.

It's not fair to blame those girls for being inane. Young starving reporters are just the foot soldiers of America's bad taste.

2. On the subway ride home, I saw this ad for the transit museum -- apparently you can buy silk boxers with the Subway map on them. As usual, my neighborhood was the crotch of New York City.

I then had a great idea for a terrible sitcom incident -- earlier in the episode one of the characters buy those boxers and everybody makes fun of him for it. Then sometime later, they all find themselves lost late at night and unable to find a subway map. Suddenly everyone turns to that guy with the look on their face. I'd have to write the situation well for it to be really funny like it is in my head, but I don't have time for that right now.

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Chris said...

"the foot soldiers in America's bad taste." Well-phrased.

The minute you said sitcom, I knew exactly where the rest of the paragraph was going. You're right: done well, it could be funny. I'm imagining it in a How I Met Your Mother type sitcom.