Monday, July 28, 2008

If I could have your attention please

For the following:

That is all.

(Actually, I've been watching 80s videos and drinking Cold Duck for the last hour. Yes, I know it's Sunday. But I've been depressed all weekend and this is the happiest I've been in several days, so back off. :) I was thinking earlier that "Jessie's Girl" might be the greatest song in history...but how can you go against Men at Work? For further proof, see the AMAZING look on the lead singer's face at 2:24. That shit cracks me up every time.)

EDIT: You know what it really is that I love about this video? It's the exaggerated joy. You could write that off to it being from a different time, and indeed it was much more possible to get away with this in the 80s. Men at Work certainly spring from their era's ear. But this kind of aesthetic is the what you see from people who are wonderfully out of place -- foreigners with no particular sense of shame. It's almost so real it has to be badly translated.

Seriously, we'd never allow American men to show such unbridled joy as this video goes for, and despite it peculiarity, utterly achieves. When the 6'4" Brazilian starts pouring everyone beer -- don't you wish you were at that party?


melanie said...

I love Men At Work and I love you.

Chris said...

This video (though wonderful in and of itself) actually made me long to see Smashing Pumpkins' "Today" again. Which I did. And I'm pleased to report that some things are as good as I remember them being.

Elissa said...