Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Billion Dollars

I was driving around Boston this morning in the Zipcar, buying groceries for the grad student brunch again. And, I was thinking about wrecking the car. Not in any morbid fashion; it's just a perfectly logical thing to think about when you're driving in the city. Mostly I was curious what I would do -- it's terrifying to wreck you own car, I should know, but it seems to me that it'd be weirder to wreck a rented car. "Wow, I just put $20,000 up in smoke.

And then I read this:

If you're going to spend $1B plus on an aircraft, it can't wreck. Ever. I don't care whether you have to hire a crew to repair it every day.

And how to you feel if you're the pilot? You just destroyed $1 billion of taxpayer money. But then again, the President has wasted many billions on the war, and extended the national debt even more, and that simpleton seems to sleep at night.

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