Saturday, May 05, 2007


Weird day today. Lots going on -- the Mifflin block party is starting up a few blocks from my house, farmer's market on the square, and, I understand, people back home are graduating. Props to you if you're one of those.

As for me, it's more of a spectator's day. I can't be in Lincoln for festivities and I'm not really feeling like morning drinking in Madison. It always gives me that strange growing-up feeling anytime I don't feel like drinking with a mob of people. Not that I wish it wasn't around -- I love spectacle more than anything. And there' a city bus on Bedford just waiting for people who get arrested today, which cracks me up. Juvenile culture is better than no culture at all.

On the other hand, there might, I've heard, be some kickball happening this afternoon, and I'd definitely throw a few back for that.

Good week, though. The massive Americorps volunteer project (300+) that I helped organize went off without much of a hitch. We moved logs and burned brush off a huge hill as part of a Dane County prairie restoration project. Even the girls who showed up in sandals didn't get hurt.

So that's over now, and the rest of my summer is probably going to consist of arranging my move to Massachusetts and making myself stay motivated for the last three months of work. I could see this dragging, but hey, it's summer, so if I start to get down I'll just keep drinking by the lake.


Elissa said...

We're heading to Chicago for a Fraggle Rock themed surprise birthday party. We'll keep the buzz going for you. =)

chaviva said...

Elissa! You should say hello when you're in Chicago! For this is where I live now :D