Sunday, February 11, 2007

I don't mean to brag, but...

I still rock. I went to the Land's End discount store on State Street today to look for stuff for my dad, which I found. But I couldn't help shopping for myself, and found these babies:

Brown suede wingtips. I almost flipped out when I found them. Formerly $150, they were on winter clearance for $15.

Aside from those and my dad's present, I also got this blaze orange sweater for like $7. I thought it was more watermelon when I found it, thanks to the store's poor lighting, but I'm not in the least disappointed. All in all, I spent $28 and saved more than $200 of the original prices.

So that's a good Sunday. It's been a great weekend, actually. I went to work Habitat with Carrie and her friends yesterday for extra hours, and all we had to do was reorganize things in the basement. Then we ice skated on the Tenney Park pond. I was much better than I feared I would be, and the adrenaline rush of success was another great reason to keep low expectations.
Finished the night by watching "The Illusionist" with Arlie. I'll say one thing: I'll never understand how the pagans got hoodwinked into converting to Christianity and giving up the dark arts. Magic is so much cooler than transubstantiation.


mouse8185 said...

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Anonymous said...

i don't have valuable info about firefox, but i am pleased to see you looking dapper as ever.

congrats on the tooth repair.

i miss my andrew f. moseman.

Chris Jones said...

Firefox is very nice, but I'm not evangelical for it.

"That's Catholic, Marge. Voodoo!"