Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Coffee Shop's Empty, Everyone's Between the Sheets by Now

So I'm here at the cafe on the computer, with four other people. I worry about coming to Electric Earth early on weeknights, just in case everybody has a big paper due the next day and I won't be able to find a table, forcing me to huff-and-puff it up to Steep and Brew. Well, it's an empty house. I'm glad. I've been feeling some increasing bitterness toward my singleness, so it's nice that I managed to make it just another Wednesday. It's easier when you work in an environment covered in paint and sawdust and what-have-you; it doesn't job your mind to romance and all that. The best you can do on Valentine's Day if you're single is neglect it out of existence.

In addition, no one I know is in the first desperate throes of love, everyone is either settled into a relationship or flying solo. Good. Those first ones are the really obnoxious this time of year, and the worst part is that you can't act like you're bitter at their particular relationship, because that's selfish -- you have to act like you're bitter at P.D.A. or love itself, which is stupid because you really just wish it was you. So here's your dose of brute honesty for the day: I don't hate love, I hate you, everyboyfriend, and I wish you would piss off so I could get with your girlfriend.

See, look what happens? I was totally civil until I started writing about this business. It's cool, really. I'm listening to Jeff Tweedy, and he's unhappy too.

In other developments:

Kevin and Megan aren't coming to see me, which is unavoidable but saddening. On the other hand, Amanda E is sick to death of D.C. and is moving to Chicago. It'll be nice to have another old friend nearby.

I can still do fractions like you don't even know.

Mozilla Firefox seems really interested in my recent blog posts. Given my rather limited readership, I didn't really think I was much of a candidate for advertising, but hey, when it's free, who gives a shit?

I missed John's glam rock birthday party. It totally would've been worthwhile to make the 500 mile drive each way for booze out of an aquarium. Mostly it just made me want to take a long random weekend back to Nebarska, sometime before school's out so people will be at around. I miss you guys. Nobody serves me booze in fishtanks here. Granted I haven't asked, but this just seems like the kind of thing true friends would figure out on their own.


Vanessa said...

Thought about you today when it was just above 0 degrees and I came home with my toes white. When you come back to Nebraska if no one else throws a party with booze in an aquarium I promise I will.

Enjoy what's left of Valentine's Day

chaviva said...

Dude. I totally got a shout-out. I feel loved :) And I'll soon be so close, damn. Yess.

Elissa said...

Somehow it seems like an elaborate setup for a suspicious accident-murder case ending with the words, "But your honor, I was *wearing* the blaze orange sweater!"