Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sweet Welfare Cornucopia

So I get back from Americorps camp, and what do I find? My new food stamps card in the mail. Awwwww yeah. They spelled my last name "Mosemar," an issue that will probably have to be dealt with. But the important thing is I finally get $155 of the government's money every month to spend at the grocery store. I'm going tonight and I'm gonna buy more food than I've ever bought before.

Pounds of bacon.

Liters of Tampico.

Blocks of cheese.

Coming soon to the blog: Camp Americorps, or Why the Workshops they put on at confrences are possibly the worst thing ever conceived. Even Americorps ones are impossibly lame. Details whenever I get my act together. Probably once I have a full stomach on Uncle Sam's dime.


loveleethought said...

Welfare queen.

chaviva said...

just so's you's knows. ... i tried to call you whatever day it was that i said i'd call you. i called TWICE and you, mr. no voice mail, didn't answer. either time.

i feel shunned.

melanie said...

did i tell you the workshops at my conference were awful, too? cuz they were. just awful.