Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My ban on the MSM is on one-day hiatus, just because I'm too nervous to ignore the election results. Come on, Wisconsin, don't you want to show up the rest of the country by being the only ones willing to reject homophobic prejudice? Don't you? Or would you rather fall back on being perfectly, horribly mediocre?

I'm fearful. Fearful that after all the talk and all the energy, absolutely nothing will change, whether because of Republicans stealing the elections by denying voter registrations or voters just still having their heads in the sand. Maybe I'll just setting myself up to be extravagantly happy if things go well.

Mostly I just want to call Lee if we win to boast how much better my new state is.

Come on, Wisconsin. Do it for Fightin' Bob.


loveleethought said...

Sorry, I guess Wisconson is just as homophobic as Nebraska. Come back to us, we miss you.

A.G. Moseman said...

At least my county voted no, unlike Nebraska, where nobody's county even said maybe.

I miss you too.