Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got nothing done today. Pretty much nothing. Buying some new white undershirts was pretty much the highlight of accomplishment. And I'm someone who thrives on accomplishment—I hate sitting still, and feeling like I'd didn't do anything.

But today was my first total emotional breakdown in the working-for-myself era. It all pretty much came together at once. I think I had a lot of leftover stress from the way last year ended, and not really having a break. Then today the Internet we borrow at home wasn't up, so I had to venture out. I'm not good at working at coffeehouses because I have to move around, and when I'm confined to an uncomfortable wooden chair while I slurp my caffeine, things go poorly. Plus, the first place had a wireless problem, which I didn't discern until already purchasing something, so that was $2 down the drain.

What else? Well, I'm waiting for three different freelance checks to show up in the mail. I'm always nervous about the mail since the building's new. I needed to do one interview for a PM story, but the pr woman put it off—again—until tomorrow. So I had nothing to do except find new ideas for future projects, which gets exhausting. So after lunch today I just fell apart and couldn't do anything. 

Not bad, really. Feeling a little better, and still will probably publish more than $1,000 gross this week. But you got to give yourself a break or it forces itself upon you. I decided today I need a vacation, and will take one soon. Or a massage. 

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Chaviva said...

Sounds stressful. You're pretty well put together all the time. I feel more normal now.