Sunday, January 11, 2009


Given the flurry of unfortunate events recently chronicled, the idea has struck me to create a blog dedicated entirely to failure. The Failure Blog, or The Fail Blog, seeing how "fail" seems to have usurped it predecessor as the Web noun form. These exist already, but it really brings it home when you use all your own personal failures. I've always thought that life is all the more bearable when you realize from a distance how ridiculous it is.

My two roommates and I make arrangement to meet three old friends at a showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Rob asks me if, on my way home from Target, I could purchase tickets for the 7 showing at the Court St theater. Certainly, I say, and pick up 3 for Button at Cobble Hill Theater, a wonderful relic of a small cinemahouse in our general neighborhood.

However, as Brooklyn residents are certainly aware, there is another theater on Court St--the United Artists giant giga-plex-o-plaza sits not more than few block north on Court, up into Downtown Brooklyn. Our friends meant that theater. So we all saw the same movie at roughly the same time, 0.4 miles away. FAIL.

Later, though, they met us at a BYOB Thai restaurant down Smith. Brown curry + vegetarian duck + BYOB = WIN.

For reasons I have yet to understand, Borough Hall stop of the F train doesn't connect underground to the Borough Hall stop for the 2/3/4/5. So you walk 2 blocks above ground. In any case, I figured out that transfer easily enough. Win.

I take the 3 to Grand Army Plaza to visit Brooklyn Public Library, which I believe to be open from 1 to 6. In fact, it is closed, rendering my trip across Brooklyn rather pointless. FAIL.

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