Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today on the Subway, Thursday edition

Riding the A home this evening, I noted out of the corner of my eye that the black sticker on the doors, which warns you not to lean on the doors, didn't look right. Upon closer inspection, someone had covered all the words except "do" with a sticker that said, "teach the children." So the whole thing reads, "Do teach the children." It was a guerilla for some Brooklyn organization.

Then I noticed that Colin Quinn was in my subway car. He was the second past-his-prime actor I've ridden with on the subway -- the other day it was the guy who played Cypher in The Matrix. Oh 1998 -- I bet both of those guys wish you were still the current year. Colin just looked a little haggard, like a regular guy. About what you'd expect.

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Chris said...

I wonder how Colin Quinn would feel about guerilla art getting higher billing in your blog than seeing him does? The countless indignities of having been.