Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I've been talking a lot lately about the coming of autumn, and how excited I am for it. It's not just the crisp air or the break from the long months of unreasonable heat. Summer, while providing ample opportunity for Fun at every turn, carries with it a lot of pressure. If you don't get in as much Fun as you reasonably could, passed up a few days at the beach or the park, you just wasted the Season Of Fun. And it won't be back around again for a while.

Autumn, by contrast, is low pressure. It's the perfect time to go for walks, and take pictures. Last night was Rob's last before flying to be with his fiance in France for a few months, so we all met up at the Riverside Park on the upper west side, four of us, and took pictures. And took pictures of each other taking pictures. I realized later it was a total cliched moment -- something out of a movie montage with four friends enjoying a day together in New York. We had some incredible Mexican food and I was so deliriously happy I couldn't have possibly been bothered.

I have a new job and am leaving DISCOVER. The temps are maxing out in the 70s. The sunsets are gorgeous. It's autumn in the city, and there's nothing you can do about it. Just look:

I'm feeling a little lingering sadness that Rob is gone, but that's OK -- it's autumn, and you're allowed to dwell on ennui if you want.

Soon, sweaters.

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Chris said...

Autumn, for the same reasons, always seems to open up new musical pleasures. I can't listen to much Wilco over the summer. They're at their best as an autumn band.