Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello Again, World

I've been busy.

First, bus trip to Boston this weekend. It's amazing how small-town welcoming it seems after a few months in New York City. When I have romantic delusions of settling down for a while and being utterly happy, the daydream setting it often Boston. The winter isn't as bad as you've been told. But the drivers are.

I left about a suitcase worth of things in my friend Nate's suite in Ashdown, and had to pick them up before they shut the old girl up for a couple years of remodeling. At the same time, he was moving out, prepping for an early September move into a new apartment. Godspeed, young man.

I got to see Schreier while I was up there, and have a couple beers. Bad vibe at Bukowski's, though. First, the ID man at the door didn't like me. He didn't like me, and asked to see my MIT ID after he noticed it in my wallet. Maybe he was a Harvard guy and didn't like MIT people, but he didn't look like much of a Harvard guy. Oh, and he was a doorman. Second, the girls at the bar ignored me for a minute before I got to order, despite the fact that they had no other customers. And third, Laura and I tried to sit down at one of the tables (there were 6 on only one other was filled) only to be told that in order to sit at the table, we would have needed to order our drinks there in the first place. ....yeah. I figure they must divide the place up and one waitress gets the tables, so she doesn't want to give away a place to somebody who paid their tip elsewhere. Still, that doesn't change the fact that four of the six tables in that dump were still empty.

Rest of the trip was good. Got to see Alaina, and surprisingly, Kim, who up and moved to Boston. I was tense on the bus ride home, but only because I combined too much Dunkin coffee with not enough food, and I had to haul a heavy suitcase through screaming teeny-boppers at Madison Square Garden in order to get on the subway. And some of the line were rerouted for the weekend, so instead of 2 subway lines, I was on 4 before I got home.

Shake it off and work on Monday, followed by an introductory job interview on Monday night, another this morning in which I had to perform a two-and-a-half-hour writing test (before going to work and writing all day), and then another one coming down the pipe on Friday. It's exciting; they've been going good. It'd be a lot harder for me to deal with the stress of job searches if I wasn't awesome and writing cover letters and interviewing with people. Still, ready for it to be over so I can take a deep breath, and afford better booze.

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Elissa said...

What a lousy bar! But good luck jo hunting. I love that feeling of relief when you accept an offer -- way better than the actual working. Remember, you're my whole retirement plan, so don't screw up. ;-)