Friday, April 04, 2008

The Week in Review

Sorry I've been away. I finished my taxes, so check that off. If there is a silver lining to owing the federal government tons of money for education loans, it's that you get to take a tuition deduction for transferring said funds to your educational institution of choice. I spent the rest of the week plugging away on the newest draft of my thesis, working up a revision of a 1,500 word essay, plotting a web site project for my elective, and generally being cranky.

I did get to see Tom Brokaw on Wednesday -- he gave a campus lecture on the future. It was terribly short and didn't dig much below the surface -- mostly his point was that we have lot of neat technology, but it doesn't mean shit if we don't use it for the betterment of humanity. Bravo, sir. Mostly, it was just damn cool to be listening to him. I had the same reaction I always have at an MIT public event when the speaker raves about the honor of speaking here in front of such a brilliant student body. I look around the room, and then, "Oh, you mean me?"

It occurs to me that in a month and a half I will be going to New York. And on goes time.


Chris said...

"He gave a campus lecture on the future." For some reason, I read that "from" the future the first time, and I got the mental picture of Future Tom Brokaw in angular sunglasses and a bright silver robe languidly enunciating "People of the past--hear my warning!" It pretty much made my evening.

A.G. said...

That's nice. In truth, it was more like, "People of the future -- Hear my nagging concern!"