Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please excuse my absence, again

I don't really have a good excuse for not posting. Once I got this far down the priority pole, I just haven't had an energy to do it. Things are going pretty well, for the record. I celebrated my 24th while I was gone. Thanks to everyone who sent wishes and cards. You rule. And I'm feeling good about it -- I think 24 is pretty solid age to be -- you can start to put undergraduate nonsense behind you without anyone really expecting any big yet, and you're a few years away from your late-20's personal crisis.

It seems that the Democratic nomination race is still happening, although I have totally lost interest. Wake me up when you people make up your minds.

My thesis project is nearing completion, which is nice. If I had to do any more major revisions on it, I don't know if I could. And we're in the middle of TV, which as I have probably noted before, is...interesting. I've been down on it. But we shoot tomorrow and Friday, which means the end of the pressure to have everything together for this one day. But it also means the beginning of the grind of actually producing the short film. We'll see how that goes. Without yelling, I hope. Most of the stress in my life now is trying to loan out a little more money so I can afford to move/survive for the summer, and trying to figure out where and how to live in New York City. Trying to be optimistic, though, that once that's settled on TV is on its way toward completion, I'll actually get to feel excited about the summer.

I feel like after just a prolonged leave I ought to have something wise to say, like I've been wandering in the wilderness. But I don't have anything. I'm just waging the war of attrition.

Coming later, maybe Sunday -- why I hate Earth Day, which seems to have grown into Earth Week or something.


Elissa said...

Did you get shoes?

A.G. said...

I went and scouted out the store. It's cool. I'm going to try to go buy on Sunday.

Chris said...

RE Earth Week, two words: Green Greeks. They're everywhere at UW this week.