Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We've...We've got to save the children

Cleaning the room today, and stumbled upon this:

This stack of paper came from my first semester class, "Sustainability, Trade and the Environment." That's right. A class that's nominally one-third about the environment produced this stack of paper in the span of three and a half months. I agree with my professor's conclusion that only dramatic large-scale policy will really change things, not individuals feeling guilty and recycling their beer bottles. But still. Come on. That's not even half of the assigned reading, either. I read a lot on the computer, and skipped quite a bit altogether.


chaviva said...

Tomorrow I'm taking a picture of my boss's office to show you the catastrophe there. I print at least a thousand pages a day, if not more. We just bought a $3,000 industrial printer.

For a professor.

One. Professor. Of Economics, no less.


Kris Kolden said...

but the trees are already dead. might as well make use of 'em. right?

A.G. said...

Kris, you ought to go into business advertising the logging companies. You' d poison all the trees in an area, and then make your case that the company should get them since they're otherwise useless now.