Friday, January 25, 2008

Klosterman on the Patriots

This is quite good.

More often, E-Ticket (ESPN's prestige feature section) stories are too-long narratives dripping with schmaltz. But I love Klosterman, especially on sports, because most sportswriting is exactly the same.

Unfortunately, I've become at least a little emotionally attached to the Patriots. Were it no so, I could come around to his point of view, because it's a good one. Unfortunately, I grew up a Husker fan during their heyday, when they nearly never lost. And I lived in Oklahoma, where everyone around me desperately wanted them to fall off. It happened, eventually.

If you're a dispassionate observer, a Pats loss would be great theater. If you give yourself over to fandom, you're bound. Besides, I think most people are just rooting against New England out of spite.

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