Monday, December 10, 2007



This semester went fast, but at the same time, it was just a mind shit from where I was before that I have a hard time remembering how I felt then. Less stressed.

Long, long feature is all over. It was critiqued mercifully in class today, and I turned in the chunk of thesis owed to my advisor. So now all that's left is my 10-15 page paper on sustainable development, which will be a relief. I won't have to back up every single thing I say and flow the ideas perfectly. It just has to make a few good points, and I get pissed off about economics, so that'll be relatively easy. I just wrote the first two and a half pages now while I was having a PBR. It's not due until Friday, so I think I'll have another and watch "Logan's Run."

I've started listening again to Tim Buckley, who is just too sexy. Man I wish I could sing like that. Anyway, a week from tomorrow I'm going home and can listen to my records. Now I just need to see if I could get insurance for a month so I can drive my car when I get there. Otherwise, improvise.

Yeah. I'm wiped. I'll write more this week. Or when I get back to my mom and dad's, and don't have much to do except chill in the basement.

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Elissa said...

Men find Buckley sexy. Women do not. (as a rule)