Sunday, October 21, 2007

Walks are always great.

Man is it nice. Almost too nice. It's October 21, and I should be wearing a sweater, but I'm not. I am one-layer comfortable.

So I walked around Back Bay, which is fun.

1. I passed Harold Reynolds on the sidewalk. If you don't know Harold, he's a former Kansas City Royal who proceeded to become the best thing that ever happened to sports commentary during his tenure on "Baseball Tonight," as well as doing some great work calling the College World Series. He got fired from ESPN for a sexual harassment suit, which as I understand was charged in suspicious circumstances. Anyway, I still have love for Harold, and he's in town doing postgame for FOX.

It took me a second to realize it was him, which is probably for the best. Otherwise I would have said something awkward, maybe.

2. I got a Boston Public Library card. I love library cards. And the BPL has some ridiculous architecture and art all around it. I'm talking huge lion statues on the pedestals type stuff.

3. I almost missed it because I was listening to "The Birth of the Cool" on my iPod, but I passed a couple who were street musicians, and they were playing a cover of "Hallelujah." I would have taken a picture but I don't have the link-up cable for my phone. And I would have written "they played a bad cover,' but there are no bad covers. It's a ridiculous song.

EDIT: So now I'm double starstruck today. I'm doing my midnight to 2 shift at the front desk, and this guy walked in who I've been trying to place for some time now -- where do I know his face from? He had to ask me a question, and then I figured it out: he's a former Jeopardy! college champion, from when he was an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon. And he lives here in Ashdown.

Weird day.

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chaviva said...

Only *you* would know that some guy was a Jeopardy winner.

Dork :D