Sunday, October 07, 2007

So logical and pestilent

I just started reading "A People's History of the United States," on the recommendation of several wise people. Finished the first couple chapters, about Columbus and his fellow fascists and the beginning of American slavery, and my wondering is this: Supposing humanity survives into the near future, when historians two or three hundred years from now are reading primary documents -- the stuff we're writing right now, like this blog entry -- will our prejudices and insecurities leap off the page just as obviously?

The Royal Commission report on the late 17th Century Bacon rebellion describes its leader and namesake as not just of an ominous Aspect, but also "of a pestilent and prevalent Logical discourse tending to atheisme." (Their spelling error.) I can only hope to someday be described with such beautiful prose.

Thankfully racism has been given a bad name, and we pat ourselves on the back for how progressive we are. But we still let each other starve because we believe the morality of capitalism and private ownership is more important than human life. Since I don't believe in divine judgment, I can only hope that potential future people are smart enough to judge us harshly.

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