Saturday, September 01, 2007

Limbo Time

I'm writing this from my office at MIT. Ok, so I share it with the six other masters students in the program. But I feel one ought to say things like "my office at MIT" while one has the fleeting chance.

It's limbo time. I don't have an official class, nor do I get my student loan money, until Wednesday. So I'm chillin'. Some random thoughts:

Walked to Fenway this evening. Thought I'd at least get the experience of rolling with the mob to Yawkey Way, since I'd have to sell my soul to afford a ticket. That's all right. By next spring, my soul will be expendable, so I'll try it. Also, hordes of attractive women apparently go to the Red Sox games. Some of these are die-hards and some are just part of what is dismissingly dubbed the "pink-hatters" who like to be seen at the game. But come on, guys, why are you complaining either way? You live in a city and an age when women want to go to baseball games. This has not always been the case, and there's no guarantee it will continue indefinitely.

Oh, and here's the paaaahhk:

I'm already feeling the urge to speak with the Boston accent. But I can't. I'm a tourist. I even walked to Fenway with the camera around my neck. I'm not lying to myself here. It's my fourth full day in town.

The faculty treated us to amazing dinner at a local Italian place. Amazing. And an elite-tech style regard for expense: Wines all around, four or five different appetizers, coffee and cappuchino for dessert. It's the best I'll eat all year.

When people would ask me what I want to do with this expensive degree, I usually respond out of ease that I want to write NOVA episodes. That isn't bullshit, though I have no TV experience. Well, in spring we have to do some TV work. This doesn't thrill me, really, except I read today that one of my professors, the one whose baby I imagine this project to be, has worked for NOVA.

It's a land where dreams come true up here. It's also a land where I see "DARWIN" inscribed on the facade of a school building when I walk back to my dorm. It feels good.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to learn how to sail. If I can get in. It's a popular program. If I can, you'll see me every day on the Charles, like these happy souls:

Man, the weather's gotta turn cold soon or I don't know how I'm going to work.

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