Sunday, September 23, 2007

Infotainment Technology

All right -- using the Mac is a lot of fun. I almost can't put it down. I'm downstairs right now with Manchester United-Chelsea on the little TV and piddling around; I say "to do some work," but really I just want to keep playing with it. Life and work are so much easier on the Mac system that you could cut down your time, but then you synchronize your brain with the system and start moving things around. So it's really a net wash, except for your sanity.

If you want to keep speaking in Tech terms, I'm beginning to feel integrated into life here. I'm not sure how happy to be about this. When you're brand new there's still plenty of exploring to, and nobody can blame you if you don't know what you're doing. Now I have a bike and a computer, all the hardware of a life, and I have to get good fast.

It's peculiar, too, being so centralized in one place. A month ago the family drove 5 and a half hours each way just to go to a wedding. Sans car and steady income, I have no idea when the next time I leave the Boston Metro will be. Christmas?

Work is good. I'm going to try and work this week on interviewing MIT biofuels people, in the purpose of writing a long piece about the ethanol myth, and what's real. Also, as soon as possible I want to incorporate something about beer science into my work.

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