Thursday, September 06, 2007


The bad news: Work has begun. And Americorps living up to its status as a loosely tied bureaucracy, and struggling to find my right information in their system do I can get my money. Where's my money, President Bush? Where's my money??

The good news: My first assignment in the program was a warm-up, allowing me to "respond" to a batch of readings in any way I wanted. So I used one sentence as a pivot point to go on a tangent. Also, in my elective class -- Sustainability, Trade and the Environment -- all the course readings are posted online, so I don't have to buy a damn thing. Also, I currently have my texts for the program seminar on loan from the library. Maybe I'll use the loan money saved on that beautiful new iMac.

I'm writing down my last week's of brainstorming at the moment, as I know I'll forget. I'm wondering if I can fenagle someone into letting me write about the science of brewing beer.

Demographics are fun here. People on campus come from all over, as you know, so it's an interesting mix and they're largely polite. It's went you venture forth and meet the Bostonians it gets interesting. I had to go to the post office today to meter a package, and the woman there couldn't fit the stereotype any better. All through our transaction she never got off the phone, jabbering to one of her girlfriends on the phone is sludge-thick Boston accent. And when I grabbed the envelope after to put it in the mail slot, she yells after me, "Un-Uh, ahhh, that staahs he'a with me." First I though, "What?" and then I thought, "Fine, just get back on the phone and don't talk to me anymore.

Found some more free food today, but it depresses me that we're coming to the of the orientation era with free stuff every day. Now I'm going to have to start looking harder.

Thesis seminar starts tomorrow. Think of me fondly as my ideas are shot down.

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