Thursday, August 09, 2007


am an idiot.

For two weeks now I've been quietly stressing, waiting for a letter from MIT so I can finish the paperwork and finalize my loans. I finished work on July 31 and don't have to be out of my house until Tuesday, so I've had nothing to do but stress, and play Xbox baseball to keep from stressing. It was sent on July 28, and days passed and passed and the letter did not show. This is a concern, because I'm about to be in transit for a week and won't be receiving any mail. About once a week I sent a concerned whiny e-mail to my financial aid guy, and today, on the third one, he says, "I'll send another copy to your MIT e-mail."

Ugh. Understand that UNL had it's own email system, but understood that none of the students used it, and mailed everything to your personal email. So I haven't been thinking to check my MIT, which is now loaded down with official emai.

I feel really stupid for stressing out, but for now it just feels good to know that the borrowed money is there, and everything's going to be OK.

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