Monday, August 20, 2007

Faithfully in Firth

My week of general homelessness has finally drawn to a conclusion. And man did I forget how oppressive the August weather in Nebraska can be. Nothing changes much I guess; the weather guy has a fancy new sliding map, but that's about it for progress on the home front.

Pretty good week, all told. Moving wasn't so bad -- there was a ton to clean at Wilson that had been neglected all year long. I tried not to be like all the students moving out on the 14th who leave huge piles of junk on the curb, but despite all my attempts to give things to friends and the Dig & Save, we had a mountain as well. People left things behind, and I decided in minimalist furor that whatever couldn't fit in my old hatchback was extraneous. The 'Scort is surpisingly spacious, however, so it still felt like I own a ton of crap when I unloaded here at the manor last night.

Three days at Elissa's: roasted duck, chicken thighs and ribeye and New York strip steak. Two seasons of Fry and Laurie and a healthy contigent of beer. A boy could do worse.

Stopped by my uncle's, who homebrews and generally jumps from project to project is a quasi-disorganized fashion. It gives an insight into where my mother learned to put up with me. Damn good homebrew, too -- port and a new Scottish ale. That night it finally cooled down to chilly at night, so we started a fire out on the porch whose warmth was quite welcome. Good night.

Drove up the Twin Cities Saturday for Clay's wedding, which was great. Catholic, but not unending with mass and touching your toes and reading the length of the Iliad. Just right, actually, and a chance to see a group of old friends all together for what might be the last time in a while. Nobody has fun like the DN A&E alums, and I remember that it's not a coincidence most of my lasting friendships from that time came from that group. And it was an open bar-dance floor kind of reception, so you can probably just imagine.

Now I'm home again. I didn't even resent the drive across Iowa this time, knowing it would be the last time for some time that I'd have to do it. I have the week to pester Lee, watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and organize my stuff again. 8 days and counting until flight time.

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