Sunday, May 20, 2007

School's out for summer

It's Sunday night. I'm sitting over the laptop in the back of Steep & Brew, rocking out to Pulp and...there's no one here. It's interesting, and exciting.

UW graduation was today. My roommate Drew walked the stage. I slept in. I will go on working tomorrow, as with any other week.

This does not bother me, especially. Some people have a problem with their first grown-up summer, when there's no lengthy break from normal life. It isn't bothering me. For one, I would have no idea what to do with that much time. Mountains of spare time make me neurotic, and summer especially because it tends to be a time of great transitions and decisions.

But not this summer. I'm going to work the days away, listen to Pulp and get ready to move. And possibly watch more cowboy musicals. Paint Your Wagon is down, and today I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Any of you out there who've ever indulged my whims to do/watch/sing stupid and pointless things, may all the blessins of the expandins universe be upon you. It's one thing I've had too little of during my time being a man's man in Wisconsin.

I'm especially excited by the prospect of summer in Madison. As I'm ruminated on before, being in the swell of a ton of activity makes me feel ansy if I'm not doing something fun. But with school out and all the children dispersed, I think it'll be good for my head. I can get just that much closer to the real rural solace that makes me feel at peace.

Sadness, though. Arlie is leaving on the 29th to spend the summer back home in Hawaii. If anyone out there would like to lend me $500 to go visit him, I'd be much obliged. But tomorrow: Arlie party at my house. Pictures, hopefully.

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Chris said...

Pulp is one of my more favorite discoveries of the past year.