Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back in Wisconsin

I'd load up the only good picture I took of my return trip to Nebraska (Greg giving the 'Midwest Coast' gang sign), but I'm at the library.

It was nice. I hung drywall, which is no different than my day-to-day, except I did it with my dad. And I re-remembered all the reasons I love to visit, and all the reasons I moved away.

In other news, I can now once again be reached by phone. So tally-ho to that. Before you know it, I'll have interweb at my house. But don't hold your breath.

Question: How much do you think somebody would pay for a perfectly working Gameboy, with several games and accessories? I have no sense of it's market value, though I'm sure somebody somewhere want to buy it from me.


Anonymous said...

alyssa and i are coming to wisconsin for my buddy´s wedding at the end of july. kinda cool. we´re hoping fun times of the moseman persuasion can be had.

A.G. Moseman said...

sounds like fun