Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is the snowstorm I don't like

Not that it's all bad. For one, it's going to make it great when we go skiing on Thursday. And maybe it'll stay sloppy and we won't have work on Monday. I mean, I don't have to go anyway, but still, I'll feel bad if I don't.

But this is when winter just gets to be a bully. We had thaw week when it got up to 40 and did away with all the previous snow, teasing you with dreams of springtime. Then this weekend we had a big ol' sloppy blizzard. Maybe I'll go sledding and just enjoy it, instead of sitting inside and complaining. Besides, there's nothing like shoveling away the three feet of snow the city plows deposited on your driver's side to make you feel like a real Wisconsin man. Actually, yes there is -- helping helpless pretty girls get their cars out.

So blizzard culture isn't all bad. It was fun to brave the 40 mph gusts for two blocks to go to my neighborhood tavern with the other crazies. It's a way of showing the universe you belong here. And in any case, it gives me something to be annoyed about besides my insurance company and not knowing what to do with my life. That was needed. Plus I finally got to see all of "Network." It's damn funny. Preachy at the end, but nobody's perfect.

There's a huge game on right now -- Wisconsin v. Ohio State for the Big Ten championship. I tried to watch it since it's such a big deal, but I realized that I just don't care. I feel like this is a real breakthrough in my attempt to waste less time watching sporting events; I'm not sitting through anything that I don't care about just because it's on and other people care. Andrew and I were talking at the Depot last night about how dull non-tournament basketball is. He feels the same way about baseball, and while I'll admit there's an abundance of garbage time, baseball is a seasonal necessity. Like thaw week, it's another way the universe promises you that springtime, oh so slowly, is gonna come.

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