Monday, January 22, 2007

Small Town Corruption and Big City Vice

Lousy start to the day: I got a $30 parking ticket. In my defense, of all the times I've ever technically broken the law, I feel the least responsible for this one. In the downtown we only have to move our cars to the odd or even side of the street when the city declares a snow emergency. They called one last midnight, when I was already in bed. So was everyone else, apparently -- the streets were all lined with cars on both sides this morning, but half of us got tickets so the city could pad its wallet.

The whole thing is so bloody obvious that I wanted to write some angry letters to someone, but before I could tell Mayor Dave he'd lost my vote, I saw the picture of him with participants that's on the wall at work. One look at that smile and you lose heart. It's how he stays in office.

Now I'm listening to Van Morrison and having a harder time caring. En route to site this morning I saw a man who had careened through a car lot's chain link fence and into the back of a brand new Saturn. What's $30?

Another realization: I'm afraid that my good guy energy is running close to the E. I'm not definitively anything, personality wise, and in the past this has been no more than a recurring minor character. Life, even in Nebraska, has been varied enough to permit all these howling muses to swing their elbows and fight their brothers for attention. It's an awful big dosage, however, to be Nice Guy Role Model all week at work. There's room for reality with my friends and I zone out on site, but I volunteered for public service and thus am I commited. It makes me feel like I have to delve headlong into something else at night just to even myself out.

If there's one thing for it, though, it's restored the forbidden luster of listening to really, really gay music, what with spending so much time around people who would neither understand nor approve. So I burned some Magnetic Fields from Chris last night, threw it on and thought thoughts of Lee and me and John and mp. And old times.

Besides, if 5 inches of snow is an emergency, I overestimated Madisonians by a longshot.

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