Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hiking Photos

Went to the Baraboo-Merrimac area on Friday for a day of hiking and driving around happily lost with Carrie and Andrew K. And here they are.
K paying for the state park pass. Red tape, red tape.
The Natural Bridge. A bitch to climb up, but utterly worthwhile. I really like this photo because K's in the distance, Carrie's nearby and you can see my shadow as well.

Apparently he's going to club her and take her back to the cave.

The gorge. I already forgot what this place is called, but it's up by Devil's Lake, we drove around for more than an hour trying to find it, and it's incredible.

Sunset on the Merrimac Ferry. Probably the first time in a hundred years this thing has been open in January.

It's time is coming, though. It's in the high teens tonight, and the snow's coming this weekend with any luck. I got a shave and a haircut, and while I'm still in the middle steps of reparing my broken tooth, I'm back to wearing dress shirts for no particular reason and looking hot.

Go universe.

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Anonymous said...

dress shirts are key to my mental image of the moseman. dapper sweaters as well.

never stop wearing both