Sunday, November 05, 2006

Andre Time

Shapes up to be an interesting week. Hopefully I'll get an appointment to get my face fixed, hopefully I'll get my food stamps card in the mail, and hopefully today's beautiful weather will persist.

And I have the GRE tomorrow. I'm feeling OK about it. I always miss a few verbal questions on the practice exam, but it's either because of fucking fascist GRE words or faulty reasoning on the part of the answer key -- both things that are out of my control. And many of my quantitative mistakes come because I'm not concentrating and mark the wrong bubble or read the question incorrectly. But I'm chalking that up to not taking practice tests seriously enough; when I'm sequestered in the sterile testing center tomorrow afternoon and it's for real, I'll focus.

So I'm buying the Andre now, because when I get done with that test tomorrow I'm gonna fulfill what's been my dream since moving into my place -- lounging all night in the hot tub drinking pink champagne.

Come over, if you want.

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melanie said...

good luck on the gre!! you'll do great. will you be around lincoln for thanksgiving? i'm having a party that i'd like you to be at!