Monday, July 31, 2006

Moderately incapacitated

So I just had my wisdom teeth out this morning. Not so bad: Iv in the hand, sleep for a few hours while they cut my mouth apart, wake up, shepherded to mom and dad's, pass out for a few hours on the couch, wake up take a second to remember exactly why I'm at the manor, get up feeling sort of ok and get chocolate pudding.

I'm sure the feeling sort-of OK might dissipate as all the anasthetic, or "magic," as I call it, wears off. But I got painkillers for that. Now to watch Jeopardy and then Indiana Jones! Woohoo!


Elissa said...

Enjoy that homemade pudding -- it is its own special brand of magic.

BTW: do you own a bed? if not, do you want to borrow an air mattress (assuming you've got living space arranged by then)? I bought one on my Kentucky sleep-on-the-floor-supervising-adolesce nts-and-fixing-shacks trip.

A.G. Moseman said...

I was planning to get one in Sconnie, but until I do that'd be nice.

I'm feeling quite nice today.

Elissa said...

Cool; it's just a twin size, but it's better than the floor. Speaking of living space, I couldn't make my apartment appointment today, so I rescheduled it for Friday afternoon.