Monday, June 05, 2006

Some thoughts from a Monday off work

1. The era of free cable has finally come to a conclusion, just short of an entire month after its beginning. We had a good run, old friend: baseball games, VH1, Baseball Tonight, M*A*S*H, baseball games. But the thing is, you, for the most part, suck. Hard. And you're almost as big a time bandit as working for a newspaper. So good riddance. I'll miss you -- when I'm bored and can't concentrate on reading, when Colbert's on, when I really, really want to watch as much World Cup as possible -- but I think it's best if we make a clean break. Besides, I know somewhere in Lincoln there are sports bars with 20 TVs, and maybe the 19th will be showing soccer. You never know.

2. It's quite liberating to not have to think about religion anymore. I care to only have meaningless flings with it for a while. I'm just not looking to settle down.

3. I suck at filling time. That's what I'm doing right now -- technically done with college, but not trying to see anybody or make new friends, just waiting for time to fill itself out. I don't care for not feeling ambitious, but it's hard to invent adventure for yourself in Lincoln, NE.

On the other hand, it finally dawned on me today that it's high time for my favorite activity -- self-reinvention. I've been moping around for too long about the fact that the fun of being an undergrad is over and I'm going to have to maneuver the minefield of adult life for something that isn't shitty and soul-threshing. It took me until a few minutes ago to really consider that this phase's death means I can do whatever I want again. Typically, I'm excited about this. But I don't know what I want to do.

4. I went shopping today, and bought a white and pink-dominate plaid shirt. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible shirt, but I think half the reason I bought it was just because I could.

5. I hate sweating. Ugh. It just feels so undignified. I don't mind it when I'm physically active and prepared, but sweating in street close feels like such a usurpation of my dignity. Seriously, come on. If that's what I wanted, I'd take up jogging or something just as stupid.


Elissa said...

=) I feel you on the jogging/sweating thing. And I bet you look good in pink.

chaviva said...

You said close, and you meant clothes. And that's why you're my special friend. :D