Saturday, June 17, 2006

Short Rewind

Thursday: Best Day Ever? You be the judge:

11:30ish -- Roll out of bed, join civilized society slowly, eat cereal and peanut butter toast.

2 -- Go to Kris Kolden's to watch Sweden blow it and blow it and loaf it and finally -- finally -- score in the 88th minute to win. In process, explain to Kris why there's no shame in rooting for Brazil -- they're not the Yankees, it's not the same -- and pique his interest in the Cup. Also, try to rationalize how such a progressive country still founts rat-tails and love for Iron Maiden. Fail.

4 -- Watch replay of England-T&T match, order ridiculously overpriced wings and down a dearth of Old Style.

7 -- Head to the Ross for A Prarie Home Companion, which is really good, as is the article about Keillor on Slate today. I find myself in a fun position on his -- from a hearty enough background to love the show, yet urbane enough understand why it mystifies/angers some people that so many folks love the show. The haters remind me of the junior high bully who has to make fun of people for liking something lame in order to fortify his social position, while the listeners are the sort of Midwestern maturity that has long outgrown the need for this kind of juvenile delinquency (and understand the joke is really on people who don't get it).

9:45 -- After a short stint back at Kris' to change clothes and blare Hank Williams, he and I hit Barrymore's for Sapphire martinis, followed by nice cocktails. Kris tips with a waiter's flare I wish my retail salary could touch.

11 -- Meet John, Lee and Marypat at the Q to watch muscular gay men strip for our amusement, then we all get out on the dance floor. There may be things out there more satisfying than dancing with your friends of varying sexual orientations at a red-state gay bar, but I'm not sure what they are. Pre-crash cocaine use, I imagine.

1 -- Go home, eat an entire roommate's pizza over a Family Guy episode. Get ready for work Friday.

Follow that up with board games, 45s and Frazia sangria last night and possibly pitchers and dart playing with Kevin this evening, and it's been a stellar recent few days. Except for my wearying of my job and the fact that we need to pay the electric by the 21st so they don't shut it off.



Chris Jones said...

They keep telling me that Gen Y is a bunch of earnest, achievement-driven go-getters, and I keep telling them that thare are still those among us whose self-worth is derived from something other than material accomplishment.

I mean, imagine looking back on your life and really believing that the best day involved a promotion or something like that.

loveleethought said...

Pre-crash cocaine use has got nothin on me.