Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Am Impenitrable

I am a dense cloud of knowledge no one may access. The first draft of my thesis is due on Monday and oral defense a week from then. So I'm doing last minute researching and writing the final sectionl; last night I wrote 7 pages, couldn't stand it anymore, started drinking, watched Saving Private Ryan, got depressed and sad and started raving about what a stupid species is man and how I, had I lived 60 years out of my time, would've been shooting at the friends I made while I was in Europe, decided I couldn't go to sleep on that note and started singing along really loudly to Bananaphone and A Mighty Wind. Ordinary souls can no longer reach me; not an ususual sensation, except rather than my typical knowing smirk I'm brooding a fence around me.

It'll all be over soon. 23 pages and counting.

1 comment:

Rob said...

You and I both know you are not Impenetrable.